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After easily signing in or signing up to the app, users are guided through the app’s interface and functions, showing key features and latest changes.

Sign in / Sign up


In this part of the signing up process users will be met with bright and friendly illustrations wich depict the app’s key features



Camera recognition

Plant identification through easy category search or by using the recognition feature by simply taking a picture of your plant.

After identifying a plant users will be able to create a virtual avatar that matches the way their plant looks. 


Mobile Garden

Add your plants to your own mobile plant garden which will provide you with helpful care tips and valuable info. 

This is also where users will water their plants.


Plant Calendar

Synch up your watering schedule to your phone and get reminders whenever a certain plant is feeling thirsty.


Plant Doctor

Use the camera feature to identify a problem and receive relevant care tips from professionals and various ways of dealing with your plants problem.



We know that losing a plant can be painful, that’s why we offer you a way to honor their memory by getting a summary of their lives.

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